tirsdag, februar 27, 2007

Dagens iPod 27.02.07

*Stevie Wonder: "For your love"
*Aimee Mann: "Momentum"

*Culture Club: "Do you really want to hurt me"
*Sondre Lerche: "Lulu-vise"
*Bach: "Der Himmel bleibet mir gewiss" fra kantate BWV 63
*The Beatles: "Norwegian wood"
*The Real Group: "Commmonly unique"
*Richard Marx: "Endless summer nights" (debutplata fra 1987, vekker minner...)
*Knut Riisnæs og John Scofield: "Eva"
*Michael Jackson: "Off the wall"
*Karin Park: "I promise to be happy"
*Michael Jackson: "She's out of my life"
*Basement Jaxx: "Yo-yo"
*David Bowie: "Blue jean"
*Ella Fitzgerald: "Satin Doll"
*Whitney Houston: "So Emotional"
*James Dean Bradfield: "To see a friend in tears"
*Suzanne Vega: "Big space"
*Earth, Wind & Fire: "Got to get you into my life"

Dagens iPod 26.02.07

*James Dean Bradfield: "On a Saturday morning we will rule the world"
*The Beatles: "Can't buy me love"
*Charlie Parker: "East of the sun (and west of the moon)
*Count Basie: "I wanna be your man"
*Nancy Wilson: "I'll be seeing you"
*Prefab Sprout: "Doo Wop in Harlem"

*Morrissey: "In the future when all's well"
*Pulp: "Common people"
*Christian Falk: "Oriental wind"

*Sade: "Immigrant"
*Barry White: "Baby we better try and get it together"
*Morgan Geist: "Lullaby / a place in my heart"
*Ella Fitzgerald: "One for my baby"
*The Beatles: "Here comes the sun"
*The Beatles: "You know my name"
*America: "Never found the time"

fredag, februar 23, 2007

Dagens iPod 23.02.07

Nok et lite intermezzo i iPoding, grunnet headsetproblemer. Men nå er jeg tilbake:

*Charlotte Gainsbourg: "The operation"
*Michael Jackson: "Wanna be startin' somethin'"
*Basement Jaxx: "Gemilude"
*Barbra Streisand: "Life story"
*Billie Holiday: "God bless the child"
*Rebecka Törnqvist: "Tell on you"
*Al di Meola: "Different pages"
*Barry Gibb & Barbra Streisand: "Guilty"

onsdag, februar 14, 2007

Dagens iPod 14.02.07

*Burt Bacharach: "Alfie"
*Prefab Sprout: "The sound of crying"
*Steely Dan: "Everyone's gone to the movies"
*Julie London: "Daddy"
*Lisa Nilsson: "En kärlek utan namn"
*David Bowie: "Panic in Detroit"
*Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66: "Triste"
*Beanfield: "The season"

Dagens iPod 13.02.07

*Björn Skifs: "Följ mej bortåt vägen"
*Liza Minnelli: "Leaving on a jetplane"
*Lee Morgan: "Totem Pole"
*Pet Shop Boys: "It couldn't happen here"
*Frank Sinatra: "How old am I"
*Haydn: "Fac me vere tecum"
*Bach: Resitativ "Geh, welt! Behalte nur das Deine" fra BWV 63
*Schumann: Fantasiestücke, op. 73 (Steven Isserlis)
*Carpenters: "Your baby doesn't love you anymore"
*The Beatles: "If I needed someone"
*Steely Dan: "Doctor Wu"
*Blossom Dearie: "You for me"
*Bing Crosby: "Auld lang syne"
*Joe Simon: "Drowning in the sea of love"
*Stevie Wonder: "Tuesday heartbreak"
*Sade: "Is it a crime"

lørdag, februar 10, 2007

Dagens iPod 10.02.07

*America: "Children"
*Count Basie: "Can't buy me love"
*Joni Mitchell: "Edith and the kingpin"
*George Michael: "My mother had a brother"
*Kim Wilde: "You keep me hangin' on"
*Charlie Parker & Miles Davis: "Half Nelson"
*Sondre Lerche: "Dead end mystery"
*Teitur: "Sleeping with the lights on"

fredag, februar 09, 2007

Dagens iPod 09.02.07

Gikk tom for batteri forleden. Men nå er den i gang igjen.

*Charlie Parker: "My melancholy baby"
*The Beatles: "Michelle"
*Ephemera: "Oh yeah"
*Ella Fitzgerald: "Let's face the music and dance"
*The O'Jays: "Darlin' darlin' baby (sweet tender love)"
*Matthew Wilder: "Break my stride"
*Kenny Rogers: "This masquerade"
*The Beatles: "Lady Madonna"
*Mel Tormé: "'Round midnight"
*Dianne Reeves: "Goodbye"

tirsdag, februar 06, 2007

Dagens iPod 06.02.07

*Duke Ellington/Mingus/Roach: "Fleurette Africaine"
*Bach: "Ertreue dich, mein Herz" BWV 151
*Bach: "Ich esse mit Freuden mein weniges Brot" BWV 84 (Magdalena Kozená)
*Röyksopp: "She's so"
*Anita O'Day: "Stella by starlight"
*Peggy Lee: "Shady lady bird"
*Frost: "Clouds across the moon"
*Lester Young: "Circus in rhythm"

fredag, februar 02, 2007

Dagens iPod 02.02.07

*Kate Bush: "L'amour looks something like you"
*Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66: "Norwegian wood"
*Bach: Koral - "Das har er alles uns getan", BWV 63
*Saint Etienne: "Aspects of Lambert"
*James Taylor: "Summer's here"
*ABBA: "Gonna sing you my love"
*Bill Champlin: "The fool is all alone"
*Bach: "Gott schickt ins Mahainam zu" (arie)

*The Beatles: "Wait"
*Frost: "Alphabet"

Dagens iPod 01.02.07

*Quincy Jones: "Sanford & Son-theme"
*Ephemera: "If I'm still your girl"
*Charlie Parker: "Okiedoke"
*Duran Duran: "Meet El Presidente"
*Donald Fagen: "The night belongs to Mona"
*Lalo Schifrin: "Maria"
*Supertramp: "Goodbye Stranger"
*Mike Oldfield: "Moonlight shadow"
*Kenny Rogers: "Buy me a rose"
*Whitney Houston: "Nobody loves me like you do"
*David Bowie: "Dancing with the big boys"
*Ella Fitzgerald: "There's a small hotel"
*The Beatles: "Day tripper"
*Whitney Houston: "Someone for me"
*Marvin Gaye: "Too busy thinkin' about my baby"
*Basement Jaxx: "Red Alert"