tirsdag, november 07, 2006

Dagens iPod 06.11.06

*Donald Fagen: "The night belongs to Mona"
*Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson: "The man"
*Robert Downey jr.:"Hannah"
*Tramteatret: "Snø"
*Suzanne Vega: "Predictions"
*Frank Sinatra: "Dancing on the ceiling"
*The Police: "Tea in the Sahara"
*Al di Meola & Friends: "That's the truth"
*Maria Solheim: "Juice"
*Eva Cassidy: "Oh , had I a golden thread"
*Kim Wilde: "You keep me hangin' on"
*Toto: "Without your love"

*Karin Park: "Wear my skin"
*Linda Ronstadt: "I'm leavin' it all up to you"

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