lørdag, mars 03, 2007

Dagens iPod 03.03.07

(I dag har jeg vandret mye...)

*Brenda Russell: "So good, so right"
*Pat Metheny Group: "Wherever you go"
*Whitney Houston: "When you believe"
*David Bowie: "Don't sit down"
*Bill Champlin: "In love too long"
*Lester Young: "In a little spanish town"
*The Sandpipers: "Quando M'iinnamora"
*Gino Vannelli: "Brother to brother"
*Röyksopp: "She's so"
*Neil Young: "Long may you run"
*Joni Mitchell: "Turbulent indigo"
*Saint Etienne: "Heart failed in the back of a taxi"
*Kevin Yost: "If only she knew"
*Frank Sinatra: "The September of my years"
*Portishead: "Sour times"
*Kevin Yost: "Dreams of you"
*Lynden David Hall: "If I had to choose"
*Thelonius Monk: "Between the devil and the deep blue sea"
*The Beatles: "Honey pie"
*Domenico Scarlatti: Sonate i E-dur, K.381
*Bunny Sigler: "Love train"
*Astrud Gilberto: "Dia das rosas"
*Gino Vannelli: "Sally (she says the sweetest things)"
*Brandy: "Say you will"
*Bach: "Unser mund und ton der Saiten", BWV 172
*Bach: "Wie lieblich klingt es in den Ohren", BWV 133
*Bud Powell: "Polka dots and moonbeams"
*Sting: "Inside"
*Massive Attack: "Hymn of the big wheel"
*Usher: "Can you handle it?"
*The Band: "Stage fright"
*David Arnold: "Thunderball"
*Kevin Yost: "This night"
*Michael Jackson: "Rock with you"

*Domenico Scarlatti: Sonate i A-dur, k.342
*Ella Fitzgerald: "The man I love"

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