fredag, september 30, 2005

iPod 30092005

*Kate Bush: "Kite" - fra debutplata "the kick inside", min favoritt
*Frank Sinatra: "The September of my years"
*Jimi Hendrix: "Rainy day, dream away"
*Jaheim: "Finders keepers"
*Puccini: "Del primo pianto" fra Turandot, Joan Sutherland
*Händel: "Oh sleep, why dost thou leave me?", Renee Fleming
*Puddu Varano: "Blue sky white sand"
*D'sound: "It isn't all that easy"
*Puccini: "In questa Reggia" fra Turandot, Joan Sutherland
Fra jobb:
*Portishead: "Strangers"
*The space brothers: "Your place in the world"
*Bach: "Mein Gott! wann kommt das schöne" - Ian Bostridge
*Jaheim: "Forever"
*Händel: "Scoglio d'immota fronte" - Renee Fleming
*Julie London: "A cottage for sale"
*Fred Astaire & Nanette Fabray: "That's entertainment"
*Ann Blyth & Judy Garland: "Stranger in paradise"

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