onsdag, november 23, 2005

iPod 23112005

*Patricia Marx: "...E O meu Amor VI Passar"
*George M Cohan jr: "Give my regards to Broadway" - radiosporten!
*Swingle Singers: "Sinfonia (partita #2)" - Bach
*Christian Falk: "Quel bordel"
*Bing Crosby: "Let's do it, let's fall in love"
*Kevin Yost: "Intentions"

*k.d.lang: "Fallen"
*The Beatles: "Wild honey pie"
*Radiohead: "Fake plastic trees"
*Frank Sinatra: "Autumn in New York"
*Shannon Quartet: "The sidewalks of New York"
*Tricky: "Tear out my eyes"
*Elvis Costello: "Lost in the stars"
*Chopin: Preludium nr 5 i D-dur, Martha Argerich
*Bert Kaempfert: "Manhattan Merengue"
*Bach: Kor-sats "Jauchzet.." fra kantate BWV29

*Lynden David Hall: "Say it ain't so"
*Jimmy Smith: "I can't get started"

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