tirsdag, oktober 04, 2005

iPod 04102005

Til jobb:
*David Bowie: "An occasional dream"
*Viktoria Tolstoy: "Den första gång"
*Brandy & Kanye West: "Talk about our love"
*Joni Mitchell: "Borderline"
*Beatles: "Helter Skelter"
*Pat Metheny Group: "Dismantling Utopia"
*Frank Sinatra: "It gets lonely early"
*Sting: "All four seasons"

Fra jobb:
*Swingle Singers: Fuge nr 21 fra Das Wohltemperierte Klavier, Bach
*Duke Ellington: "That jungle jamboree"
*Henry Mancini: "The windmills of your mind"
*Bach-messe BWV 236 i G-dur, korsats
*Chris Montes: "Call me"
*Jon Eberson Group: "All out treasures lost"
*Jane Monheit: "If"
*Clair Fischer: "Quiet nights and quiet stars"
*Viktoria Tolstoy: "Dialogue"
*YoYo Ma: "Mumuki"
*Isaac Hayes: "Theme from Shaft" - daaaaamn right..

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