torsdag, oktober 20, 2005

iPod 20102005

*Steely Dan: "East st. Louis Toodle-oo"
*Sting: "Love is the seventh wave"
*Humate: "3.2 Bedrock (ambient mix)
*The Band: "I shall be released"
*Jem: "Come on closer"
*Isaac Hayes: "I'll do anything to turn you on"
*Massive Attack: "Heat miser"

*Bobby Womack: "I don't wanna be hurt by ya love again"
*Howard Keel: "Rose Marie"
*Ratnabali: "Breeze"
*The Swingle Singers: Preludium i f-dur av JS Bach (Wohltemperierte klavier bok2)
*Kate Bush: "Oh to be in love"
*k.d. Lang: "When we collide"

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