tirsdag, oktober 18, 2005

iPod 17102005

*Graham Nash: "Chicago / we can change the world"
*Jason/Burton: "Penthouse serenade"
*Elvis Costello & Burt Bacharach: "Painted from memory"
*Boyz II men: "Vibin'"
*Ella Fitzgerald: "I only have eyes for you"
*Puccini: "Principessa di morte!" fra Turandot (pavarotti)
*Bill Champlin: "Proud of our blindness"
*Sting: "Big lie small world"
*D'Sound: "Breathe in, breathe out"
*Massive Attack: "Sly"
*Stephen Simmonds: "You don't know"
*Blossom Dearie: "It's love"
*Barry White: "Can't get enough of your love"
*Ella Fitzgerald: "I get a kick out of you"
*The O'Jays: "992 arguments"
*Bach-kantate BWV103 m/Koopman & co
*Frank Sinatra: "This is all I ask"
*Bach-kantate Mit Fried und Freud.. BWV125
*Eastside connection: "Over please"
*45 dip: "A man and a woman"
*Viktoria Tolstoy: "No regrets"
*Michael Franks: "in the yellow house"
*Bert Kaempfert: "snowbird"
*Nelly Furtado: "Shit on the radio"
*U2: "Red hill mining town"
*Schubert: "Gefror'ne Träne" fra Winterreise med Ian Bostridge og Andsnes
*Bud Powell: "A night in Tunisia"

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